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  • Methodology

    Our focus is systems and infrastructure improvements guided by the following principles: 

  • Housing quality and human health are undeniably linked. The well being of our tenants and neighborhood(s) at large, are a primary focus of our day-to-day management activities as well as our renovation and construction projects.

  • We preserve the integrity of our properties through remediation of deferred maintenance, implementing long term structural and systems improvements as well as aesthetic enhancements wherever possible.

  • We incorporate resource efficient practices such as reuse and re-purposing of materials during construction. Intelligent use of materials maximizes value while reducing negative environmental impacts.

  • We weave lean principles into our approach to eliminate wasted effort, materials and time. Our goal is intense focus with incremental improvement of our techniques toward our pursuit of perfection.

  • We retain local labor to provide employment opportunities and foster community involvement. We create synergistic relationships with our vendors and tenants through a shared value system based on mutual respect.

  • We understand the important role compliance plays in protecting our tenants and properties alike. Proactive compliance with regulatory agencies is of utmost importance to us, and vital to the success of our business.

    1. Quality - what are the necessary repairs and or upgrades?
    2. Time - what is the expected turnaround time?
    3. Budget - what is the available cash on hand to accomplish the project goal?
    4. Style - what style elements work well with the space as-is?
    5. Expectation – what do prospective tenants desire of their living space?